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 Hey! I'm DW~War. aKa- IF~Zombie

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PostSubject: Hey! I'm DW~War. aKa- IF~Zombie   Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:49 am

Hey guys, i'm IF~Zombie, but my name on here is DW~War. If you need ANY KIND OF ASSISTANCE, PM me the admin password, and i'll work wonders with you're forum, some examples of my work are:

and some other ones

I'm also experienced in clans, and i know that setting them up and everything can be difficult and everything, tell me if you need help, i'd like to see DW~Clan Survive, and become as fun, and friendly as IF~Clan, i think that Vortex, or i think his name on this forum is DW~Killer can vouch for me, that IF~Clan is very fun and active, i'd like to see DW~ To be the same way.

With Reguards,

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Hey! I'm DW~War. aKa- IF~Zombie
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